The Morning Star Baptist Church Story 1908-2017  

This history brief is dedicated to our past, present and future members.   Made this 22nd day of December 1908, between John Bruce and Lucy, his wife, parties of the first part, and Charles Ligon, Elsie Brown and Tobies Veny, Trustees of Morning Starr Baptist Church, and their successors, parties of the second part, both parties of the county of Augusta, Virginia.  WITNESSETH:  That for in consideration of the sum of One Dollar in hand paid to the said first party by the said second party the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the said first party doth grant bargain, sell and convey unto the said second party with a general warranty of title a certain lot of land lying in the County of Augusta near the Crimora Mines, adjoining the land of the first party and the Mine Company.  This transaction was witnessed by K. B. Koiner, Notary Public.

​It appears that this deed granted a warrantee of title to Morning Starr in lieu of an original title, and that the church was in existence as of that date.   The deed was admitted to record on January 6, 1909.  The earliest dates in our church cemetery dated back to 1908.   This date confirms that the cemetery was in use at or around the date of the deed.   To the best of our knowledge, Morning Starr has had eight (8) pastors since its inception. 

They were as follows:

1- Rev. Hawkins                    

2- Rev. John S. Ware          

3- Rev. Clinton H. Harris

4- Rev. Winfred Wesson

5- Rev. William T. Jenkins                 9 - Rev. Lewis L. (Rudy) Brooks

6- Rev. Samuel Cubbage

7- Rev. Thelma B. Turner 

8- Rev. Joseph E. Walker, Sr.

The Church documents lead us to believe that Rev. Wesson was pastor before and after Rev. Jenkins   Excerpts from Church documents:   September 7, 1941 Rev. Clinton H. Harris delivered the sermon. The individual donations from members ranged from fifteen cents to fifty cents and the pastor’s salary for that day was $3.51. Sunday School  – Morning Starr Baptist Church – May 20, 1945   Sunday School offering for this date - $2.05   During the leadership of Rev. Thelma Turner, the Church installed a water system, restrooms, renovated the existing church by bracing the underframe, carpet the floors, purchased new pews and choir chairs, refrigerator and a new piano.

January 2001, Rev. Joseph E. Walker, Sr. was called as pastor of Morning Star.   During his leadership, a Christian Education Ministries was organized thru bible study and the church has purchased and installed a new gas furnace in the original Sanctuary.    On September 20, 2006, under the leadership of current Pastor Joseph Walker there was a ground breaking ceremony celebrating God’s gift to Morning Star Baptist Church – a new Sanctuary. First initial worship service in the new sanctuary was held on March 7, 2007.   

Pastor Walker retired December 31, 2012 as Pastor Emeritus of Morning Star Baptist Church.

Effective March 6, 2016 - Pastor-Elect Lewis LaRue (Rudy) Brooks.  Saturday May 6, 2017 Rev. Lewis L. (Rudy) Brooks became the installed Pastor

of Morning Star Baptist Church.

 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father”  (James 1:17) 

History of Morning Star Baptist Church